Consider the convenience and ease of refinancing your car loan with Toyota of Kirkland.

Whether you purchased your car from us, independently, or from another dealer we will refinance your loan to reduce your payment and ensure your auto loan satisfaction. At Toyota of Kirkland, we work directly with 40 lenders to capture the lowest APR for our clients. We have no pre payment penalties, no loan origination fees and terms from 36 to 96 months!

  • No application fees
  • Refinance available for cars, SUVs, vans and light trucks
  • New Cars 2015-2017
  • New Cars 2015-2017

Paperwork can be done in the comfort of your home or office, Starbucks or our dealership! The application process is quick, convenient and tailored to your needs! The process is in three easy steps and we will have you in a lower payment before you know it.

  1. Fill out our short and secure two minute application
  2. We match you to our lenders and you receive up to three different offers to best suit your needs.
  3. Remote or in store signing is coordinated.

Refinancing your auto loan may have crossed your mind for several different reasons. Interest rates still remain so low, it could be a good idea. Doing so could save hundreds of dollars each year and sometimes thousands over the life of the loan. Unlike refinancing your mortgage or even consolidating credit card balances, refinancing your vehicle loan is virtually painless with Toyota of Kirkland. We do not charge fees and can facilitate the entire process the same day.

Interest rates have dropped significantly in the last couple years. If this is the case for you, refinancing could save you hundreds, if not thousands over the life of your loan. Another consideration is if your credit score has improved. If you had a few negatives on your credit file, or no credit at all, at the time of purchase- but your credit score has now improved; it very well could qualify you for a lower interest rate. If you have had a change in your personal financial situation, it may also make sense to refinance and lower your payments. Lastly, if you leased your vehicle and would like to purchase it, there is an option to buy the vehicle and we can facilitate that as well. Finding the right lender is the easiest part in the process. Here at Toyota of Kirkland, we have relationships with over 40 lenders to ensure that the lender is the right one for you.